Importance of Having a Fire Extinguisher for Your Car


One of the most important things a person can do for his or her safety and to protect his or her property is to keep a fire extinguisher in his or her car. When a car catches on fire, it can completely burn in less than three minutes. Having an extinguisher in one’s car can help stop the fire and protect surrounding people and property.

A car can be an easy target for fire as it contains gas and oil. In an accident, electrical wires and fuel lines can be damaged and are easily flammable. Having a fire extinguisher in one’s vehicle enhances safety and lessens the chance of a severe fire damaging or totaling one’s vehicle. Even a car’s battery has the potential to leak battery acid and catch a vehicle on fire.

The vast majority of automotive fires start in the engine so a driver has time to grab his or her extinguisher and put the flames out. There’s always the chance that a driver may also see an accident or incident occur before him and may need a fire extinguisher to provide assistance to people in need.

Once a person purchases a fire extinguisher it is important to maintain it. It should be checked twice a year and made sure it is mounted in a secure but easy to reach place. When fighting a fire, a person should try to aim at the base of the fire, and not at the middle of it when they are attempting to put it out.

Make sure when purchasing a fire extinguisher that it has the UL label on it. This means that it has undergone rigorous laboratory testing and can withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. This way a person knows it is strong enough to be a good and effective safety device.

Practice proper safety precautions when putting out a fire as well. If it appears that a fire has formed under your hood while the hood is down, do not pop the hood. The fire could cause an explosion and people could be seriously injured. Fire extinguishers must be used wisely and it is important that people try not to be heroes. If a car fire has large flames, is spreading quickly, or your fire extinguisher has run out of agent, get away from the car and call the fire department. A car is easily replaced, while a person is not.


Source by Eric L Larsen

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