If Your Steering Is Loose When Driving You Need to Fix It Immediately


A loose steering wheel can be hazardous for not only the driver and passengers but everybody else on the road as well.

Quickly learn how to fix a loose steering wheel before taking your car out on the road again.

You need to understand that the steering wheel of your vehicle controls the movement and direction of your car and is definitely considered to be one of the most crucial parts. The wheel and column are a component of a complex steering system that receives guidance straight from the driver. By controlling the steering wheel column, the driver controls the entire vehicle and all of its components. That is why it is crucial that this entire system responds to the driver in order to assure a safe, smooth and worry-free ride.

Even though there are 2 types of steering wheels the majority of vehicles have tilt steering columns and that is where we will focus our quick fix instructions on.

To begin with you need to park your vehicle on a flat surface away from traffic. Make sure to pull up your parking brake and remove your keys. Pop open the hood and use some pliers to disconnect the wires from the battery.

Take off the piece that covers the center of the wheel by means of a screwdriver or other sharp flat headed tool. Do this carefully so you will not damage or break the center-piece. You should be able to see the center bolt and you will need to loosen it with a wrench so that you can take it out it completely.

Fasten a steering wheel puller to the wheel itself making sure to pay attention to the manual’s instructions for your specific vehicle and the puller tool model as well. You should now be able to remove the whole wheel and lock plate.

Find the retaining ring after you have removed the wheel and then take a pair of regular pliers to remove it.

Unscrew the screws that hold the turn signal assembly on the wheel. The total number of screws may vary with each make and model of vehicle which can range from 4-6 screws. Place the screws in a safe area away from where you are working so that you will not lose them.

Find the column bracket that connects the column to the dashboard of your car. Take a screwdriver and unbolt the 2 large bolts at the bottom of the bracket. You do not have to remove completely, just enough to see and remove the wires. After that insert your keys into ignition hole and turn it to the on position.

Release the lock cylinder by taking out the 2 screws and then remove the whole cylinder from the car. Then unbolt the 3 large torque bolts from the column of the steering wheel.

Pull off the housing, then the parts of the bearing and finally depress a retainer for the spring with a screwdriver tool. Take a moment to turn the retainer clockwise about a quarter turn.

Remove the spring assembly from the bottom of the steering shaft by taking a pair of pliers and removing the 2 pivot pins. You should be able to see the pivots inside the actual tilt column.

Pull the arm of the tilt column to adjust the column and then move it upward.

The next step would be to tilt the column upwards and to the right again. You will need to pull the housing off again then bearing a metal spring clip and turning it clockwise until you cannot turn it any further.

After this has been completed follow all the aforementioned steps backwards to replace all the components back into their original positions.

These are the basic steps you need to perform when your steering is loose. Remember that a loose steering wheel can affect the safety of your ride so you need to fix that loose steering wheel as soon as you possibly can.


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