Hydrogen Fuel Generators and Free HHO Dry Cell Plans


If you have decided to experiment with hydrogen fuel and would like to build a fuel saver Hydrogen Generator, I would suggest the HHO Dry Cell design. The old water4gas HHO generator design was discarded by the pros long ago, and the hydrogen generators known as wet cells are inferior to the new HHO dry cell design.

Here are a few reasons why the new “HHO dry cell” kits are better than the old water4gas and wet cell designs.

The old wet cell designs had a large amount of voltage leakage around the edges of the stainless plates. What this means is that part of the supplied current was not reaching the plates where the electrolysis process takes place, so you had to deliver more voltage in order to produce the desired amount of HHO gas. You do not have this current loss on an HHO dry design. With the new HHO dry cell design, the electrical current is focused on the dry cell plates, this is how the dry cell produces more hydrogen fuel with the use of fewer amps.

The HHO drycell is usually configured with four or five neutral plates, encased in several negative and positive stainless plates. The purpose of the neutral plate is to help lower the voltage between the positive and negative plates which will make this cell run much more efficiently. This design produces less heat and will form more HHO gas than the old water4gas and wet cell hydrogen generators, using fewer amps.

Another great improvement made with the HHO cell is the size of the unit. You can build an HHO dry-cell that is only 4″ x 4″ that will produce as much HHO gas as an old 6″ x 12″ wet cell. Because of this great improvement in design, the dry-cell-kit can be installed in an area with less available space.

If you are ready to build an HHO generator, don’t even think about buying HHO plans, you can get free plans for dry and wet cells all over the Internet. I have been supplying DIY HHO plans for free, for several years. Stop by HHO Dry Cell and grab a set of these free HHO plans today.


Source by Robert L. Lee

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