How to Sell Candy at School


During my freshman year in high school there used to be one candyman who everybody went to when they wanted candy. He was so good at his job that people literally started calling him “Candyman”, inside and outside of school. Kids began to realize that selling candy was a really lucrative business—at least for a kid in high school. By my sophomore year there were a few more “candymen” on the scene. This was quite convenient in that you didn’t have to report to THE Candyman every time you wanted candy. Now I’m in my junior year of high school and everybody’s a candyman. Now it’s virtually impossible for candy to be inaccessible on the 5-acre campus. I’ve been a candyman for 10 months now, and I’m going to share some tips with you that I had to learn by experience.

1. Buy your candy in bulk variety packs at Costco or Walmart. This will save you money.

2. Start off bringing about 25 candies every day. How much you bring depends on many factors, like your school size. There are nearly 3000 kids at my school and I’ve been able to sell over 50 candies a day.

3. Try to make regular customers. Find people who will buy your candy every day. Don’t be afraid to ask!!! “Hey, you want some candy?”

4. Abide by the Candyman Commandments below…

The Candyman Commandments

1) Thou shall not consume thy product.

Don’t eat your candy! You will never save any money that way.

2) Thou shall be unique.

There are all kinds of ways to be unique. For example: One of the candymen at my school turned his backpack into a portable refrigerator by neatly stuffing it with bags of ice. This kept the chocolate from melting. Guess whose chocolate everyone bought….his. Uniqueness and originality go a long way; that’s what brings in the cash.

3) Thou shall not overcharge.

Stick to the “everything is $1 rule”. (of course little things like lolipops are exceptions). Overcharging will not get you more money…It will get you no customers.

4) Thou shall not undercut.

Being a candyman is not about price competition. People WILL buy your candy as long as you don’t break Commandment #3. People will buy candy from you even if they’re not hungry–it’s human nature to just want candy when you see it. Don’t try to sell your candy at a discount and think that you will get more customers. From experience I know that you will not get more customers this way. This will just just lower your profits.

5) Thou shall be in possession of the following items during business hours:

* one-dollar bills. Always keep a stack of $1 bills so that you always have change and never have to let a customer down.

* Skittles, M&Ms, Snickers, Kit Kats, 3 Musketeers, Resse’s, Starbursts. These are the basics, the must-have candies. Uniqueness comes into play here. Try to sell a rare, high-demand candy like Shockers (formerly known as Shock Tarts). Don’t just sell the Original Skittles; sell the Tropical flavored ones too.

Now for the big question….How much money will I make? It depends. I personally made around $15 profit a day. You can make more. You can make less. Follow this guide and try to develop your own pattern.

Selling candy is like a passive income—you don’t really have to work; you just have to be smart and consistent.


Source by Michael Z Adams

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