How to Minimize Air Pollution


Air pollution is one of the immense problems that humanity is suffering from. The air we breathe is no longer fresh instead what we usually inhale are harmful air pollutants. Whether we are inside our home or office or outside the house we are surrounded by air pollutants that come from different sources. At home, some of the sources of air pollutants are the household products we use (like pesticide, paint), molds, pollen and cigarette smoke. The air pollutants are hazardous to our body and sometimes we experience shortness of breath and cough. Radon 22 is one of the major indoor pollutants known to be the second major cause of lung cancer.

Outside our homes, the major air pollutants are carbon dioxide and nitrogen monoxide which comes mostly from transportation vehicles and industrial plants. Burning fossil fuel and deforestation can result to increase in production of carbon monoxide and aside from imposing harmful effects to us humans, carbon monoxide also contributes to global warming which means the temperature of Earth increases and may result to adverse effects to this world we live in.

Air pollution can be minimized if all of us will find and follow ways on how to minimize this problem and make the air we breathe clean and fresh. We can start minimizing air pollution right within our homes. Below are several tips we should start to practice and follow to reduce air pollution and keep our body away from diseases caused by unclean air.

1.) Avoid using car daily

Instead of using your car, you can travel by public transit to avoid more harmful emissions that come from vehicles. If you are working, suggest car pool to your co-workers or ride with a co-worker that lives near you.

2.) Don’t smoke

Smoking can cause air pollution and can be very dangerous to our health. It does not only endanger the person smoking but also the people around him. Smoke from cigarettes release thousands of pollutants in the form of small particles which is called particulate matter. Furthermore, studies show that air pollution produced by cigarettes or tobacco is 10 times greater than the emissions by diesel cars.

3.) Learn to recycle

Recycling can help a lot in minimizing air pollution because when we recycle and reuse the things we have, lesser things need to be produced by factories and this helps lessen air pollution.

4.) Plant trees

Planting trees even in your backyard can help clean the air we breathe because trees produce oxygen we need.

5.) Save energy

Save energy at home or in the office by turning appliances and light off when not in use can help lessen air pollution. You can also save money by cutting off electricity consumption.

6.) Clean your home as often as possible

Cleaning your home can remove dust and air pollutants and make your home safer and healthier for your family to stay.

7.) Select the products you buy

Buy products that are reusable and eco-friendly. When shopping, you can use a canvas bag instead of a plastic bag.

There are many other things that we can do to minimize air pollution. We should start finding ways to clean our air now before more calamities will happen and might imperil the health of our children and those of the next generation. Let’s act now in saving our world and making it a better place to live.


Source by Francis Turner

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