How To Maintain Used Farm Machinery


There are actually a lot of differences in maintaining used farm machinery compared to other machines. If you search through the market, there are many brands offering this product. Unfortunately there is no universal rule on how to maintain them. Each has its own way to make it last for a long time. After purchasing a second hand machine you would need to take care of it like the equipment is brand new. It is ideal to read the manual given by the seller. Perhaps the manufacturer or the previous owner would provide instructions how to take care of it.

Ask the owner who owns the grizzly plough several questions like the equipment’s maintenance schedule. This would give you an idea on the maintenance schedule like when to change oil or filter. Make sure that you know specifications. Examine every part of the tractor so that you will know their location.

Since you are a new owner, you need to familiarize yourself with about the tractor. Take a weekend to study the machine that you purchase. Make sure that you ride the product and test it across the farm. If there are problems, call the manufacturer or better yet ask the previous owner of the grizzly plough that you got.

It is ideal if you have tools when handling used machineries. Maintaining your tractor would require tools larger than the normal car. If you can then buy or else know where to borrow the things that you need. You should protect them with all sorts of elements. If you got a smaller tractor which doesn’t have a compartment, you would need to store it in a shed. Remember if you leave it outside weather elements could damage it.

You would need to check the fluids of the engine regularly. The usage of the tractor is measure in the number of hours it is in the field. The machinery could have leaking parts due to the fact that it is old. So you better make sure that everything is periodically checked.

Have a checklist on the things that you would check on the used farm machinery that you want to get. Of course before buying the used machinery, you have probably examined everything about it. This is a must since you are purchasing a second hand farm machinery item. Although this is the case, it is unavoidable that you encounter problems in the future. This is true especially if you using the machine regularly.

Even if you are not a technical expert, it is ideal to maintain the tractor at all times. Hire a professional to check the machine regularly. This can help you avoid problems in the future. Create a checklist on the things to maintain. This would include belts and hoses.

Aside from this, check the brakes. Make sure that there are no leaks on it. Check the brake and make sure they are working. Look into the gauges like temperature, oil and others. This would serve as an indicator if there is something wrong with the machine. Fuel filters should be checked as well. Make sure that it will not have water on them.

It is best to grease the tractor. Never overload your machine and remember you should always keep everything clean. Inspect the tractor as often as you can. This would let you know if there is a problem with the machine.


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