How to Get a Free Car – Find Out Exactly How to Get a Brand New Car Without Spending a Dime!


Would you like a free car? Well, who wouldn’t! But, is this actually possible? The answer is yes! Certain advertising companies offer free vehicles to drivers who are willing to help them increase their exposure to the general public. The auto wrap is different than typical advertising and offers a unique and cost effective way for the company to get its brand name out there.

If you live in a capital city of US, Great Britain and certain European countries, then you are the ideal candidate. Of course, you also have to own a full driver’s licence, and have a good driving record. Another thing that these companies usually ask from you is to drive a minimum amount of miles per month. This amount could be from 400 to 800 miles and don’t believe that you can simply lie about it. The company may decide to check your mileage odometer to verify that you are telling the truth and if you aren’t, you may be disqualified. If you do get accepted, your only expenses will be some money for gas and car insurance.

Does this sound to good to be true?

Well, the truth is that there are a few downsides:

  • New cars may not be readily available, so you might need to wait a few weeks. Also you may not be able to get the model of your choice. However, usually there is enough variety for you to find something that you really like.
  • You don’t always get to pick what kind of product you want to promote or how big the ad that goes with the car is going to be. In the case that you are not happy with the product, you can turn down the offer and wait for something better to come along.
  • The car won’t really belong to you. It will belong to the advertising company. After the end of the contract (usually 5 years) you will be asked to either give the car back or renew the contract.
  • The ad will stay on your vehicle day and night for 7 days a week, without you having the right to remove it. This means that you must be prepared to drive a vehicle wrapped in advertisement everywhere you go – to work, to school, to weddings, to funerals etc.
  • The competition for getting a free car is very fierce, and in some cases you may need to wait for a couple of months, before you get accepted into this program.


Source by Ethan G. Williams

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