How Are GPS Systems Useful?


The GPS tracking systems have been very useful for people to find their way on land and on water, in keeping track of people, vehicles, pets etc, in scientific studies, for map making, land surveying and countless other commercial uses. Everyday new applications are being found for the amazing NAVSTAR GPS commonly known as GPS systems.

Bascially you need a GPS receiver to receive and decode the signals that are continuously being sent by the 24 satellites orbiting the earth. The GPS system has been designed in such a way that any point of time your GPS receiver on earth receives signals from at least 4 satellites. This is essential for to determine your exact location on Earth.

GPS Systems Applications:

There are wide variety of GPS receiver models available suitable for a variety of applications. The US troops used this during the Operation Desert Storm. Now, imagine if they could find their way in the featureless, hot, empty deserts of a foreign country what you can do with your GPS system in your own city or country. You can hike and bike to remote locations and not be worried about being lost with a GPS receiver in hand.

Car GPS Systems:

The GPS systems for cars can be loaded with maps of the cities and countries of your choice and you can easily navigate and reach your destination with out having to stop and ask for directions. The car GPS systems are the most popular and widely used application of the available GPS systems. The GPS systems for car come with features like – maps, traffic information, places of interest – like shopping malls, gas stations, a local McDonalds, FM radios, local gas prices, accurate road trip information, entertainment and emergency road side assistance and much more. You can choose a car GPS system that suits your needs.

People GPS Tracking Systems

There are GPS systems for kids and also for elderly people. These tracking devices once strapped on these individuals continuously send you signals about their location. So you can easily trace them where ever they might wandered off to. Be it your old dad or your over-active toddler.

GPS Tracking Cell Phones

Want to locate your wife lost in a new city during Christmas shopping?- use your cell phone GPS tracking device. You could use the GPS feature on the cell phone to track her down! Many mobile phones come equipped with GPS devices.

Recently, a transplant patient who was in a concert and could not be reached by the hospital (the family’s mobile phones were switched off) was eventually located as his mother’s phone had a GPS device embedded in it. Emergency services tracked them down and got them to the operating table within a short time. Time is of essence in transplant cases and organs that match a particular patient are rare to come by. GPS saved the day in this case and life of the patient literally. This potentially life saving feature will in the near future be part of all mobiles phones. A recent law will soon require all mobile phones to have this device, so you can be tracked anywhere and located in case of an emergency.


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