How a Small-Business Owner Can Easily Benefit From YouTube


The official YouTube statistic shows, that for march 2015, creators filming in YouTube produced over 10,000 videos that generated over 1 billion views and more than 70+ million hours of watch time. Viewers on mobile devices are spending more time than the ones on a desktop. But only 9% of the small business are using YouTube. The stats are pretty impressive indeed.

A question might arise “How a small business owner with basic marketing knowledge could benefit from that?”

What is actually a small business owner? The SBA defines that a small business is a venture with less than 500 employees. There are around 28 million enterprises fitting in. However, a bigger business could afford to spend more on marketing. But what about entrepreneurs having a team of few or literally “two men and a truck” or self-employed professionals and service delivery guys?

52% of all small businesses are home-based and they rely on local clients. They can benefit from locally oriented online marketing activities.

Having a YouTube channel has moved from being an option to a business priority. To explore it, first, you need to register your brand or yourself in YouTube. It is easy, just open a free Google account. Then in the app menu, you will find your newly created video channel. Click on “My channel” and then describe your business activities in details. Use the option to add pictures that illustrate your services on its best.

It is time for the first video. For better mobility and efficiency you might use your smartphone. YouTube is really great optimized for mobile devices so you just need to point the camera hit the “record” button and make a short video. Show your work – a project you just have completed, a problem that was fixed and so on. The video will be immediately uploaded to your channel. Name it with something related straight to your work. For an example “My new pipeline project is ready”. “A newly painted wall”.

Other way to make an interesting and eye-catching video is by pictures. Just shoot some scenarios straight from your work and upload them. YouTube will convert for you 8 – 10 pictures into a video slideshow that rocks. Do not forget to grab additional option to make the video slideshow more interesting. Just pick from the free list a dynamic and emotional music. This approach requires more pictures. All images should be related to your work. For example, taking several shots before, during and after the project could be a decent illustration on the results you are delivering to your clients.

Be active on YouTube. Share all your videos with other social networks you might have – Twitter account, Facebook profile, Pinterest wall and so on. This will expand your social media presence and will rise your chances to reach new customers. An approach like that for sure will increase your popularity. People would love not just to hear, but to see your work. Just show them your best.


Source by Nikolay Peshev

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