Highest Impurities in Drinking Water – Discover What You Are Drinking in Your Tap Water


Many of us take our drinking water for granted. Even though it’s so vital to our lives, we’ve allowed our water sources to fill up with all sorts of contaminants. The highest impurities in drinking water are invisible to the eye but are extremely toxic.

Our public water sources have been allowed to fill up with all sorts of chemicals. Not only are our rivers and lakes polluted, now most water tables deep under the earth are polluted too. Years of ground pollution has made its way hundreds of feet below ground surface and seep everyday into this formerly pure source of water.

You may be thinking that you live in the country and are immune to the effects of water pollution. Unfortunately, air pollution can travel hundreds of miles and end up on plants, trees, and in the soil. Because of the severity of air pollution in many heavily industrialized nations, well water is becoming just as polluted as tap water in cities.

Most Common Impurities in Water

The highest impurities in water are from industrial waste, chemicals added by water facilities, and heavy metals.

Industrial waste is responsible for literally thousands of chemicals in drinking water. Studies have uncovered the most common contaminants from industrial businesses are pesticides, prescription drugs, fertilizers, gasoline, oil, solvents. Imagine what drinking water mixed with all these toxins is doing to your body.

Water facilities add chlorine and fluoride to the water they pump to millions of homes. The problem with both of these chemicals is they can have serious health ramifications. Chlorine has been proven to increase the risk of getting cancer and fluoride can harm the mental development of children. It’s hard to believe these chemicals are dumped into our public water sources by the truck load.

The third highest impurities are heavy metals. There are thousands of miles of old rusting piping systems in many cities. Overtime, steel and lead piping break down and the metal particles end up in our the water.

Removing the Highest Impurities in Drinking Water

The amount and types of toxins in our water is pretty shocking. No wonder there are so many people sick and diseased. But, you don’t have to live with this health threat. You can remove over 99% of any toxins that are currently in your home tap water.

To do this, you can install a water filter system. There are models that fit under your kitchen sink, some for shower heads, and others that will purify all the water in your home.

The water purification technologies that will remove over 99% of contaminants use a sub-micron and an active carbon filter. Once installed, your tap water will be ultra-pure.

Make no mistake about it. Removing the highest impurities in drinking water is vital to your health. Why risk the safety of you and your family?


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