Hemorrhoids – Piles of Miles – A Truck Driver’s Nightmare


Hemorrhoids used to be associated with truck drivers, but they are not the only problems that truck drivers have. When you are responsible for possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars in the form of freight plus the enormous cost of a good rig these days it’s no wonder that truck drivers not only get hemorrhoids, they are prone to a number of illnesses caused by stress.

A million dollar rig may have all modern conveniences these days, sleeping quarters, entertainment systems etc., but the pressure of having to be somewhere on time, despite weather and road conditions and having to avoid all the crazy drivers out there, the first thing that can fall by the wayside is a healthy diet.

Truck stops are notorious for serving up greasy unhealthy food and strong coffee and both of these are major hemorrhoid causes. The greasy food will not only contribute to heartburn but will add pounds of fat after only a few weeks. Drinking coffee and sodas instead of regularly drinking water will also contribute to added weight, dehydration and constipation are two big causes of hemorrhoids.

If you are training to be a truck driver or are thinking about becoming one, you should seriously think about your health before you start out on that long road. Make it a point never to take sodas, chips and other unhealthy snacks along with you and take plenty of water. Try to keep well hydrated and don’t try to go another two hundred miles before you use the bathroom. It’s very hard to say that, but you will avoid heartburn, constipation, hemorrhoids and possible kidney stones, if you plan what you are going to eat along with your route. It’s crazy to shorten your life and jeopardize your health. You are a road warrior and the best warriors were clever – not fat and sick!

If enough truck drivers ask for salads and healthy foods at greasy spoon truck stops, eventually the owners will take heed – after all, why would you want to kill your customers?

If you are a truck driver and you already have them, it’s probably pointless telling you the symptoms of hemorrhoids – you know only too well!

But how can you get relief while you are on the road?

Ditch the super gulp coffee or soda and replace it with water, that’s the first thing you should do.

· Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water daily

· Don’t strain to have a bowel movement

· Use special towelettes to stop and alleviate irritation

· Soak in a bath with warm water for 10 to 20 minutes, then take a shower

· Sit on an ice therapy pack while you are driving, it will relieve the itching at least

· Use a natural topical cream at night and after wiping with a moist towelette

· Use a stool softener NOT a laxative or anything that contains mineral oils

· Walk when you get to a truck stop, get the circulation going by stretching and exercising

· Choose high fiber, low-fat healthy foods at truck stops and try to eat regularly

The other problem is lifting. Many drivers have to help unload their own freight, and heavy lifting can also cause hemorrhoids so be careful.

The best way to get rid hemorrhoids is to get rid of the unhealthy side of your business, eat right and stay hydrated.


Source by Alameda K. Hartfeldt

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