Having a Driver’s License in Turkey


In Turkey the driving age is eighteen for automobile license. There are nine different types of driver’s license: A1, A2, B, C, D, E, F, G, H. You must be at least 17 to get A1, A2, F and H licenses. A1 is scooter license, A2 is scooter+motorcycle license, F is tractor license and H is handicapped license. You must be at least 18 to get B and G licenses. B is car, van or small truck license, G is heavy machinery license. If you want to have C, D or E licenses, you must be at least 22. C is B+dump truck license, D is C+truck license, E is C+bus license.

If you want to have F,G or H licenses you must be graduated from elementary school. If you wan to have A1, A2, B, C, D or E licenses you must be graduated from middle school. The applicants must have a physical report from a doctor with signature. They must take the written test first. Then they will be asked to take the driving test.

To have a driver’s license you will be asked to have some documents including photos, a copy of your identification card, elementary school or middle school diploma, physical report and a document which says you didn’t kill anybody.

In Turkey lots of teenagers don’t like the driving age law. Because when they compare Turkey with America they thinks it is unfair. In America the driving age is 16. In some states it is 14.


Source by Semih Hakyemez

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