GPS Car Tracking


The installation of a GPS car tracking system will enable you to follow the movement or check the location of any car fitted with the device. There are two forms of car tracking devices; passive and real time GPS tracking.

Passive devices simply keep a log of the vehicles status, direction and speed, which are saved to a memory chip. These can be retrieved at some later time and used to analyse and monitor the driver’s performance or to optimise a vehicles route.

Real time devices signal the location of the vehicle via a satellite link to the GPS database every 5 minutes and the user can access this information directly over the Internet. It is able to give accurate positional information for any vehicle fitted with a relaying device.

There are a wide variety of uses for which these GPS trackers can be used.

1. Security companies to check locations of personnel and work vehicles, ideal for use by banking and financial institutions.

2. Management of fleet vehicles, cars, buses, vans or lorries, such as taxis, ambulances or couriers.

3. Rental Car monitoring, checking on mileage and location of rented cars for pickup.

4. Ideal for use by courier delivery so both customer or company can keep track of parcels and delivery vans.

5. Personal vehicles to track their movements or recovery if they are stolen.

6. Insurance companies or sales personnel to monitor mileage and locations.

7. Management and location of critical response teams, whether security, rescue or medical teams.

There is also the possibility of connecting a “help or panic” button to the system, which will send out an alert if there is a sudden problem, break down or security breach, thus initiating a response team.

Passive systems are not as responsive and serve more as a record of an automobiles journey, daily use or weekly trips. They can record such parameters as speed, direction and time but are only accessible once the GPS tracker’s memory chip is retrieved.

These types of GPS devices are used both as open monitoring systems for company performance and statistics and as part of covert undercover, surveillance jobs where tracking an individuals movements or a cars journey is important. In either case the devices are small and unobtrusive and easily concealed within the body or underside of a vehicle. These can be simply traced with a simple call from a mobile phone and the GPS tracker will send a message back broadcasting its position.


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