Funny Car Stereotypes – What Your Car Says About You


Toyota Camry. – People who drive the Camry tend to be safe, practical and very responsible. The Toyota Camry is a no-nonsense sedan that gets you from point A to point B every time; it’s well acclaimed for its reliability. Drivers of the Camry may also be family oriented since this sedan is very practical for families,.

Smart Car – Anyone who rides around town in super small vehicles like the Smart Car tend to be extremely individualistic and secure. It takes a lot of inner strength and a good sense of self in order to drive such a teeny tiny car amidst a sea of SUV’s and monster trucks. A guy who drives a Smart Car is strong minded and not easily swayed by peer pressure

Mercedes Benz – These cars tend to be driven by those who have been successful in their chosen profession. Some may be business owns while others may be professionals such as engineers, pharmacists and attorneys. People who drive a Mercedes are generally concerned about image and status. Not only are they successful; they want the world to recognize it as well. The three pointed star makes an entrance and is often interpreted as a sign of financial success.

Ford F-150 – These tend to be driven by tough guys who want to display an image of masculinity and toughness to the world. These men are rugged and don’t let anyone mess with them. It’s not just guys who drive trucks though; plenty of women dig trucks nowadays too. Women who drive trucks tend to be no-nonsense take charge types who may be tomboys.

Toyota Prius -Any individual who drives a Prius is preoccupied with fuel efficiency and thus fiscally responsible. The Prius gets an astounding fifty miles per gallon. So even though it may not look as “cool” as a monster truck or a fancy Mercedes, this vehicle is probably three times more efficient. Prius drivers tend to drive slower than most though (from personal observation and experience). It’s not exactly a race car.

BMW- Most people who drive BMW’s tend to be yuppies. For some reason, BMW drivers have a tendency to be more aggressive on the road. Drivers like to show off their horsepower by speeding up and weaving in and out traffic without using turn signals.

We hope you’ve had as much fun reading this list as we did compiling it. This list is for entertainment purposes only and not meant to offend anyone in any other way. After all, a car is only a form of transportation designed to take you from one place to another.


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