Four Secrets About Elephants You Probably Did Not Know About


What does it mean to have elephant artistry in your home? Few people know or understand the important symbolism the elephant projects onto the human subconscious. Being the largest land animal on the planet, the elephant represents four very important traits.

Strength and Power: Okay. This one is pretty straight forward. Elephants are enormous, extremely strong, and their skin is extremely tough. Before the pickup truck, there was the elephant.

Perseverance: Many great leaders feel that perseverance is the most important element to any type of success. The elephant is known as the most persistent animal on the planet. They migrate hundreds of miles each year, in blistering temperatures, without water, in order to reach water-filled rivers. Elephants never give up, no matter what the odds.

Patience / Wisdom: Elephants are highly intelligent animals, considered to be in the same intelligence category as dolphins. They are highly evolved in relation to family, community, and higher consciousness. In addition, they live to be about 60 years old making them wise beyond their years.

Dignity: Being so large, the elephant does not hide very well. It was made by God to be large, and “out there” for the world to behold and enjoy. There is no shyness nor shame in the elephant. For this reason, the elephant is held by many as being very dignified and proud.

Throughout history, and in many different cultures, the elephant has consistently represented strength, perseverance, wisdom, and dignity. Few, if any, animals combine these four virtues as evenly and completely as does the elephant. I wonder how you can utilize the elephant in your home or workplace to experience these same benefits right now.


Source by Chris Sindlewood

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