Five Reasons to Implement a Filing System


Many executives hate to file. They go out of their way to avoid this task. They try to hire others to file for them, allow files to pile on their desk, and stuff documents into boxes when their office becomes too messy to be able to efficiently function.

During the course of each day, every executive must access and work on documents. If you do not have a proper filing system in place that will allow you to file these documents as you work, then papers can be misplaced, opportunities can be missed, and a great deal of frustration can occur.

The solution is to implement a filing system and integrate the action of filing as you work into your daily routine.

Having a filing system in place, it will enable you to efficiently file your papers, follow up on business cards, and keep track of your business receipts.

Yet, even with a detailed filing system available, executives still seem hesitant to dedicate the time that is needed to implement it. We would like to offer you five reasons to implement this time-saving system into your daily routine.

  • Filing keeps your desk clear so you can focus on the task at hand.
  • Filing allows you to quickly and easily access documents and information that you need.
  • Filing allows you to identify the projects that you are working on so that you can schedule your time accordingly.
  • Filing ensures that documents do not get misplaced.
  • Filing keeps your desk and office clean. This allows you to look organized and professional when clients and employees visit your office.

We recommend setting aside 4-8 hours to purge through your current filing system and implement a filing system. Working with a professional organizer can ease the process and help you to move quickly through the process, saving you hours of time!


Source by Denise Beins

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