Ease the Parking Problems With These Tips and Tricks


Cities, be it large or small for that matter feature multifaceted spatial structures. With the city size increasing, the complexity also increases and is the key reason for disruption. Moreover, these days people realize the value of traveling abroad and to other places conveniently in a car. The efficiency of transport system results in plaguing cities with traffic congestion. The main problem is the parking issue.

The problems of parking happen due to the fact that there is lack of space. A big menace in the huge cities is owing to illegal parking and this is hindering businesses and resulting in heavy congestion. Parking is a crucial matter to be considered, when you are driving a personal vehicle, looking for parking space is your responsibility.

Here are a few helpful tips

· Check if your car doors are locked and switch-off the air conditioner and head lights. In case you walk away keeping the headlights on, the battery is certain to drain off and on returning, your car will have a starting problem. At the same time, look for parking areas that are brightly lit to ensure safety of your car. Avoid the narrow lanes and even if you plan parking under a tree, you should remember that the tree must be small and should be capable of withstanding wind or storm.

· Airport parking is a gamble. While you travel in a car and want to catch a flight, your mind is blocked with the thought of finding parking place until your return and you will be wondering if the belongings will be safe in the right place. In such cases, airport parking is the one for you. The facilities are available at the airport and they provide customer service amenities, thereby permitting travelers to fly and park peacefully. There are off-site places available adjacent to the terminals and is referred to as MDW. You may consider booking this parking space online even when you are on a flight or in a rental car.

· The airport services assure parking spot and offer affordable long and short-term parking, secured surveillance 24 hour lots, luggage assistance, discounted rates, free shuttle services and leaving the key behind to pick up on arrival is also facilitated. If you are a frequent flyer, use regularly the parking lots so that the program provides points to be of use in the future visits. The airport parking program allows enjoying free parking for a day on accumulation of ten points. The points can be collected and used for several days.

· Parking overnight on the CTA or Metra train stations and the nearby suburbs is also a good solution. They do charge for every 24 hours such as $1.50. This can be paid using the mobile app and if you require regular overnight parking consider buying a parking pass for a month. It works out to be cheaper.

Note: Park your vehicle allocated to a parking permit in a specific area, otherwise there is a fine of 250$. Also remember to keep in your car the vehicle permit.


Source by Karen K Williams

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