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A person who drives a particular vehicle is a driver. This job looks easy but is not simple at all. Professional driving is not easy at all. Nowadays, the demand for all types of drivers is increasing. It takes a lot to be a good driver. First of all, you must have a valid driving license. You should also be perfect in driving.

If you are looking to become a driver then given below is a sample driver cover letter that could help you a lot:

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Dear Mr. / Ms. Last Name,

In search of a purpose oriented position as a driver in your transport company. I saw your ad posting in one of the local newspapers and would like to put forward my job application for the desired position. I am aware of all the tasks concerned with the job of a driver as I have guided other drivers who drive big trucks loaded with trailer, for dragging wood from the jungle to storeroom. I really think that I am the best one for this job.

I have proper driving license and willing to enhance my knowledge and driving skills for communal safety and satisfying hauling needs for the inhabitants of our capital. I am a reliable and trustworthy employee. I am also ready to work during odd hours. I even have 5 years of exceptional driving experience. I have worked with a leading transportation company of our country.

I am capable of driving safely and carefully under all circumstances. I really feel that I could do very well if I work with your company. Therefore, I would be very thankful to you if you consider me for this post.

So, if you feel there is mutual interest then please contact me on the numbers given above. I really look forward to meet you in the near future. I have attached my resume along with this covering letter for your review.

Thank you for considering me.



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