Differences Between PODS and PACK-RAT


When it comes to portable storage units there are perhaps two names that are more commonly used than any others; Portable On Demand Storage, or PODS and PACK-RAT. Both companies offer portable storage units that make a wonderful alternative to the hiring of a moving company or the hassle of renting a moving truck and all the mess that goes with it. Both have been around for quite some time and offer great services and value, so what are the main differences between the two?

Both PODS and PACK-RAT are tops in the portable storage industry but they do differ to come degree in some ways:

o Sizes: Both PODS and PACK-RAT offer different sizes for you to choose from but the number of sizes each company offers differs. PODS has three sizes to choose from that include 8X8X7, 8X8X12, and 8X8X16 all measured in feet. PACK-RAT offers two sizes that include a 12 foot and a 16 foot container. Each company offers you a guide online to help you determine how much can fit into each container or you can call a customer service representative and they will be happy to assist you.

o Storage unit construction: Both PODS and PACK-RAT feature steel frames and aluminum skins, but the PODS containers have a polymer top that allows light to shine in and the height is a bit taller than that of PACK-RAT’s. PACK-RAT containers feature a built in rack for hanging cloths that need to be moved. The doors on the units also differ as PACK-RAT uses a door that swings open and is lockable and PODS has a lightweight roll up style door that is also lockable. Again, the two are virtually identical but there are small differences.

o Number of locations: Though PACK-RAT is quickly closing the gap, there are currently more PODS locations throughout the United States. Still either company can offer you a cross-country move at an affordable price.

o The lift: The way that the two companies lift and unload their portable storage units also differs. While there is not one that seems to be better that the other, it is none the less a difference.

o Price: This is of course the number one concern on peoples mind no doubt. Price is indeed important but there is no set fee as each person’s moving and storing needs is different. That being said, there may be a situation in which PACK-RAT is more affordable and there may be a situation where PODS comes out with the price advantage. The only way to know for sure is to take advantage of the free quote system that both portable storage unit companies offer online. If you find yourself getting all discombobulated, then you can also call either company’s toll free 800 number and ask a representative for assistance.

For every fan of PODS, you will find a fan of PACK-RAT. Both companies offer award winning service and support but there are differences between the two. While the differences may seem insignificant to some, to others it may be the difference on which company they ultimately trust to move or store their stuff.


Source by Jason Kay

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