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When one starts a search for a new car, or in fact a used car, there are a number of things to consider. For example, some people may not want to travel very far to get their new car and should therefore consider dealerships that are only close by. For instance, people in New Jersey may want to buy from a Buick NJ dealership, a GMC NJ dealership, or find a used Buick in NJ. Another important factor in a good car buying decision is the budget that the person has set aside. Of course, only if cuts can be made elsewhere in the individual’s budget should they consider going over the amount they initially planned to spend. Finally, some people may consider what cars are most popular when making their decision, and that is what the next few paragraphs will discuss, is the countries with some of the best reputations for making good cars and the brand names that are associated with each country.

One country known for producing good cars is Germany. While German cars often times end up on the more expensive side of things, they really are typically worth the money with their excellent and precise engineering and good driving. Some of the more popular brands from Germany are Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, and Mercedes, all of which have a reputation as being at least semi luxurious automobiles. While it may seem funny and ridiculous to Americans, it happens that many taxi cabs in Germany are made by one of those four brands because they are domestic and therefore more plentiful in their country.

Another nation known for producing good and well made cars is Japan. Amongst the more popular makes from this country are Toyota, Honda, and Lexus, however Lexus is actually the luxury end of Toyota and therefore not their own company. Many people who purchase Japanese cars are very happy with their decisions and it is often stated on Toyota commercials that up to 80% of the Toyota Camry models sold in the past twenty years are still on the road, a very impressive feat that speaks to the durability and reliability of that particular model.

In terms of style, elegance, and pure, unadulterated luxury in automobiles nobody can top the Italians. While many of them cost more than the average American house, Italian cars are truly some of the best in the world. With brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Alfa Romeo, an Italian sports car is the must have item for all rockers, star athletes, and other millionaires. In fact, the best way to buy a car like this if one is so inclined is to try and find a model that is over twenty years old and possibly in need of some repair, because while they are still good cars you can then buy them at prices that seem incredibly low based on what they were initially worth.

Many countries have excellent reputations when it comes to car production and there are lots of factors to consider when making an automobile purchase.


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