Common Misconceptions About PPP – This Is Definitely Genital Warts


Knowledge is power. Do not scream your lungs out in dismay because of PPP. Do not even grieve and try to commit suicide and wait for a giant truck to hit you. To better understand what you are going through, do not just let others persuade you in believing it is some type of disease. A bit of research and a reliable reading material such as this is a definite help.

Before you get to explore the different remedies, first, here is a further discussion about Pearly Penile Papules. Find out what PPP is often mistaken for and learn more about its immense difference to skin diseases:

This Is Definitely Genital Warts

That is where you are wrong. It is definitely not genital warts and would never ever be. Genital wart is a type of a sexually transmitted disease caused by human papillomavirus or HPV. It comes from an infected partner and therefore it is very contagious. It is spread from a skin-to-skin contact, may it be genital, oral or anal sex.

If there is warm moisture developing on the genital area, this may indicate a wart growth. If you are sexually active, do not fret that it is PPP unless it looks like crooked pebbles clustered around the genitals. These warts may be very small in nature but could also form into large masses.

The warts could also occur to women, and it may appear inside and outside the vagina, on the cervix or opening, up to the uterus, or even around or inside their anus as well. This disease can be similarly widespread to men but the symptoms may appear less obvious. It may appear on the tip of the penis or on the shaft of it. It may also be seen on the scrotum area and similarly possible on the inside or outside of the anus. As for those who had oral sex with an infected partner, the warts could be seen on the mouth or the throat of the person.

Those infected with warts are in danger of acquiring certain types of cancer. Note that there is no cure for warts and only preventive measures are available. There are a number of diagnosis, varied examinations and treatments for it but all of which are just therapeutic and would help reduce the warts. You may try the warts vaccine although this is done before any sexual contact with anyone who might be a HPV carrier. All of these are preventive measures, thus it should not be misunderstood as a cure. There is unfortunately, no cure to genital warts or any type of HPV.

Now that you have an idea what genital warts truly is, you can be assured that it is very far from what is thought by many as PPP.

First, Pearly Penile Papules is not contagious and cannot be acquired from any type of sexual activity. Second, it does not look the same as PPP and the PPP only appears on the genital area. Lastly, PPP only occurs to men and it is not categorized under HPV.


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