Car Wash Showers: Bathing at Its Finest


It’s a necessity for everyone to take a bath daily. Most just don’t care where they do this, how plain they take their baths and how their bathrooms look like. These people just fail to recognize that things must not be taken for granted. As much as possible, everything must be as rewarding and as exciting as possible. If you don’t want to be labeled anywhere near ordinary, just continue reading.

There’s definitely no better way to clean yourself than submitting yourself to a car wash shower. These modern systems are made up of a dual array of fixed spray nozzles arranged in a vertical manner. This vertical orientation allows a refreshing complete cleansing of the whole body. Car wash showers grant you complete control over the volume and strength of water gushing into your body. This type of showers also commonly come with his-and-her temperature-control valves upon installation which ensure that your shower will be anything but tormenting.

The spa system is a type of car wash shower that easily captivates the elusive interest of classy users. This system allows up to two times water recirculation per minute. The set-up targets around 80 gallons of water per minute to unclean or stressed parts. The spa system directs water through air to guarantee strengthening and rewarding gains of water massage. After the spa-like treatment, you can take a typical shower.

The released volume of 80 gallons is better than the output of more than 20 shower heads. Because the mentioned amount may be too much for unfamiliar users, the body jets are set to low delivery by default. This grants the bath taker enough time to figure out the best settings for a massage-like shower without getting inconveniently surprised. Given the relatively large water output and pressure, the controlling device needs to be situated at a spot unlikely to be hit by the shower stream.

The various components comprising car wash showers allow some diversity to the privileged who want this definitely fulfilling bathing experience. You can choose from several brands, styles and finishes of spray heads and shower valves. For the best designs, select a general motif for your shower room and pattern everything according to it. The appeal and elegance of the best car wash shower designs will just be nullified if the shower will just be assembled in a lowly setting. If you opt for a somewhat classic appeal, then select components that appear vintage in pattern. There’s definitely a wide array of valves and shower heads being purchased in the market, but for best effects purchase your shower parts from companies that are well-known for selling high quality shower packages.

Car wash showers are definitely high end innovations and because of this status, many systems can’t support their complexity. For example the large water input requires the continuous water supply and a relatively large container especially for the spa system. Your house drainage system may also pose some hindrance. Because these showers require adequate hot water, the water heater must be replaced if it can’t provide the minimum heat required. The walls of the shower room must also be thick enough to fit the water lines for the various spray heads. Before purchasing a car wash shower, make sure that you have already consulted with a trusted plumber and resolved the mentioned issues.

Car wash showers will definitely become a very hot trend for the wealthy in the near future. If you can afford the costs and if your plumbing system permits such extravagant innovation, just feel free to own your own car wash shower right away.


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