Car Registration – Why It Is Important To Register Your Vehicle


All vehicles in the US are required to be registered, by law, before being driven through public spaces. This needs to be renewed on a yearly basis and those who break the law are subject to a fine and possibly imprisonment.

The registering of a vehicle basically means that in return for paying a fee you are now free to drive the automobile on public roads. It is provided only if you have insurance for the vehicle and is based on several factors including the year, make and model of the car.

The actual process of obtaining registration may differ in each state. However, the most common documents that will have to be produced at the time of registration are the title to the car, proof of insurance and a bill of sale. Many states will refuse to register a automobile without these being supplied by the current owner of the automobile.

When you purchase an automobile, you become legally responsible for the payment of any monies owed on the vehicle, as well as associated fees and charges. This is why anyone selling a car privately is suggested to consumers to record the transaction with an auto bill of sale form. This will provide proof that the vehicle has been transferred to a new owner and that the new owner is now responsible for any of the above fees and charges.

Although the process of registering your vehicle may seem expensive and troublesome, it is however a necessary part of car ownership and will protect you against various types of fraud associated with your automobile.


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