Abiding By The Rules Of Driving


There are a lot of rules that a driver needs to learn about and abide by. Even if you are an expert driver, you need to stick to the rules set by the government while driving. These rules are mainly related to traffic keeping in mind the safety of the drivers and the pedestrians as well. The driving schools provide handy information about on road safety while driving, speed limits that need to be maintained as prescribed etc.

Speed limits are of the highest concerns all around the country. Young drivers often get overenthusiastic and cross the mentioned speed limits for different lanes. They need to understand that the speed limits are set according to the type of vehicles that ply on the respective lanes, streets and highways; these limits prevent accidents on highways and busy traffic lanes.

Driving lessons not only include how to drive but also to train and teach the learner to abide by all the traffic rules. Changing lanes unnecessarily lead to traffic mishap thereby causing huge traffic congestion and most of the times even accidents that can be fatal. The driving schools provide thorough information about the traffic signal and road signs. The road signs for instance a left arrow indicates a left turn ahead, a cross mark on the alphabet P means no parking.

Drivers should keep their eyes open and look out for all these road signs and abide by them. In a no horn zone a driver should never blow horn because it could possibly be a school or a hospital nearby.

Besides, other rules include No drinking and driving. This has been causing a lot of accidents all around the country. A certain study has shown that most number of on road accidents occur due to drinking and driving. It is completely against the law and order of the country and the driver not following this rule can be punishable by the law which can lead to life time imprisonment. Deadly as it is, drunk drivers often tend to lose control over the speed and generate a blurry vision which is extremely dangerous for him, people in the car and the pedestrians outside.

These rules fall under driving lessons as well; some institutions teach their learners about the various rules and their importance as to why they should follow them, their consequences if not followed. These are of utmost importance when it comes to driving. Being a little careful can reduce road accidents thereby saving thousands of innocent lives on the streets.


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