A Mover Dolly – What Is It?


This device is designed to help people move large objects and heavy loads, like big furniture items or appliances. You can rent one from moving companies or purchase one from a company who sells moving materials.

Types of a mover dolly

• Platform with casters–the casters, or wheels, and platform are reinforced so that the mover’s dolly can carry a heavy load. The assembly is low to the ground to make sure that the overhead clearance is not an issue when moving through any doorways. This particular type of dolly has no handles so you will push the object itself that you are moving. You will need to be careful that you do not push too hard or it could fall off the dolly. Sometimes it is possible to secure extra large objects to the dolly with tie downs. This will help make sure that the object does not fall or wobble.

• Two-wheels with handles-this has an “L” shaped appearance. It is also referred to as a “hand truck.” These are designed for smaller loads. When not being used some fold up so they can be transported easier and stored. Others are constructed that do not fold up but are made the same way. These are common in moving companies because they can quickly and efficiently move items that would require two men to move or it can move several boxes at a time

Safety considerations

If you have never used a mover dolly before there is some safety considerations that you need to keep in mind before using them.

• Check to see if the mover dolly has a weight limit printed on the platform but it does not make sure that you do not overload it and make it hard to manipulate.

• Do not leave any objects sitting on the dolly when the truck is moving. They could move and possibly damage other objects that are being moved

• Fasten the dolly down to not make it a moving target that could fall on boxes of fragile things.

• Be careful and move the dolly slowly when going up or down stairs, across bumps, or elevation changes.

What moving companies should do with the dolly

To keep a mover dolly in good shape moving companies or companies that rent them should make sure that they are maintained on a regular basis.

• Remove the casters periodically and then broken down and cleaned and oiled. This will help to keep the dolly moving smoothly

• If it is used on dirty or wet surfaces, it will need to be sprayed clean and air-dried to make sure that the dirt and moisture does not damage the casters.


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