60 MPH Road-Worthy Electric Scooters – Top Three Reasons One Should Be in Your Garage Right Now!


Today’s electric scooters are not your Dad’s scooters of old – they’re hip, economical and “Green” modes of transportation. Electric scooters have a range of about 60 miles, a 3-5 hour charge time, and a top speed of just over 60 miles per hour. What a relief to “scoot” past the Pain at the Pump, while reducing noise and air pollution at the same time!

However, why should you want one, you ask! There are countless reasons, but I promised you the “Top Three.” Here goes:

1. Never fear Gas Shortages! In the aftermath of Hurricane Ike those of us in states that didn’t get a direct hit still felt its fury at the gas pump! With refineries in the Gulf Coast being damaged and pipe lines down, we in the Southeast of the nation had gas supplies dwindle to nothing! No fuel was to be found, and gas stations ran dry. News reporters would broadcast where a fuel truck was expected to make a delivery, and people would flock to that one lone station – with lines stretching at times up to a mile. As in any panic situation, tempers flared and chaos ensued. Police were called in to patrol gas stations and keep the peace. But the people were desperate – they had to get back and forth to work, so many waited in lines for up to 2 hours or so – and even then, there was no guarantee that the pump would still be running when their turn finally came. We in Atlanta endured these fuel shortages for about one month. I vowed, “Never again.” With an electric scooter, you never have to be at the mercy of bad weather or the gas pump again. Just charge your scooter for 3 to 5 hours, and you can motor about 60 miles or so with no waiting in line for hours!

2. Never Fear Gas Prices! Now let’s take the situation above and say you waited in line for those 2 hours and were fortunate enough to get gas. Well, you feel like you won the lottery, right! You’d better have won the lottery – with gas anywhere from $4.20 a gallon up to over $5.00 per gallon in some areas- you’d need the winnings just to pay the tab. On one hand, you are just grateful you found the gas – but on the other, you have just spent the equivalent one-week’s worth of groceries for a tank of gas! With an electric scooter, the cost to operate it is less than 25% of the cost to run a gasoline-powered motor vehicle. Imagine the savings. The scooter charges in about 3- 5 hours (running about 40 cents per “fill up”) which averages out to about a penny per mile! It is brilliant.

3. Hug a Tree! Finally, my new motto is “Park your car, and help save the environment.” The planet wins hand down with the electric scooter – scooter emissions are about 1/10th that of the Hybrid Prius and about a whooping 1/30th of an SUV. (The power plant that charges the scooter generates the emissions. The scooter has no actual emissions!) It probably won’t become your main means of transportation, of course, but for those quick trips around town or to the city, take the scooter and erase one more carbon footprint.

You never again have to be held hostage by unforeseen weather emergencies that threaten the fuel supply, while at the same time; you can run your scooter for pennies a mile, scooting past the pain at the pump When you throw in the ecological advantages of using your scooter as opposed to a gas-powered engine, you have the Trifecta of reasons why you, too, should own a Electric Scooter. It will be a Win-Win situation for your wallet and the Environment.


Source by N. Cook

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