6 Steps is All it Takes to Change a Tire!


Sometimes life just doesn’t work out how you would like it to. While automotive road service companies have been popular over the past 20 years, the times are changing and as everyone keeps looking for way to save money, one of the ways in which they are doing is by canceling those policies with popular roadside service companies. Of course, even if you are a member of one of those two companies you may get stuck with a flat tire on a remote road with no phone. Given the typical way in which things work, as soon as you get stuck with a flat all of the traffic disappears and nobody is around leaving you to change the tire by yourself. So here is a quick rundown on the 6 steps involved in changing a tire.

Step 1: Secure the vehicle so that it won’t roll away from you or over you and loosen the lug nuts or bolts of the wheel that you need to remove. Do not remove the nuts or bolts at this time.

Step 2: Jack up the vehicle in a safe manner and use jack stands to support the vehicle.

Step 3: Remove the lug nuts or bolts and remove the old wheel and tire.

Step 4: Center the new wheel or tire on the car and install the lug nuts or bolts.

Step 5: Remove jack stands if present and lower the vehicle.

Step 6: Ensure tightness of lug nuts and bolts, and then enjoy a drive on your new tire.

Remember, blocking the tires is an important safety step not to miss. Also, jack stands can help prevent injury to yourself or damage to the car in the event that the jack itself begins to collapse. Both of those elements are critical in ensuring that you can change your tire as safely as possible.


Source by Sean J Williams

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